A good restaurant in Anilao Batangas Philippines

Anyone looking for a really good restaurant in one of Philippines’ premier diving destinations called Analao in Batangas?

Why fall just a little short on a fun day of diving in Anilao Batangas by ending it with a mediocre dinner? Anilao is arguably one of the best diving destinations in the Philippines. Yet up to very recently, there really isn’t much in terms of dining options. Not that divers have to treat themselves to a grand meal at a Michelin star fine-dining restaurant after a day under the sea, but many visitors to this famous Philippines diving destination have complained about the lack of dining options even in the bistro level.

Amenities Chevrerie Resort in Batangas Anilao

Amenities Chevrerie Resort in Batangas Anilao

Travel agencies in the Philippines as well as frequent visitors to Anailo have discovered at least one excellent restaurant in Anilao Batangas that visitors can really cap off a nice at the sea with a fine meal. And that is not the best part of this good news. The really good news is that this restaurant in Anilao Batangas is exceptionally friendly when it comes to prices for its good food and fine wine.

The name of this restaurant in Anilao is l’Aterlier and it is located inside a very nice resort called le Chevrerie Resort and Spa, many regard to be the best resort hotel in Batangas.

Talking about wine, this restaurant in Anilao offers a well-balanced wine list that features not only good wines from major wine regions of the world, the pricing is very reasonable. Check out the prices for these selections:

2007 Barolo for 4,300
2010 Châteauneuf du Pape for 3,500

A nice Malbec from Argentina for 1,700

They even include a few selections of fine vintage wine, something that ordinary people can’t find even in the chic dining districts of Manila, for example:

1996 Beaune, Les Greves, 1er Cru, Domaine de l’Arlot at 6,500
1983 Château Franc Bigaroux, Grand Cru Classe St. Emilion for just 5,500

The white wine and sparklers on the wine list of l’Atelier Restaurant are just as inviting. Take these wines for example:

2012 Chablis Les Opales is just 2,900 and there is this white Châteauneuf du Pape that is quite rare, for 3,400.

For sparklers, this restaurant in Anilao offers a really charming Cremand de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs, one that gives the pricier Champagnes a run for their money. At less than 2000 a bottle, guests will certain find it hard to say no to a bottle after a day in the sun on the beach or out in the ocean for which Batangas’s pride and joy, Anilao is so revered.

(Prices mentioned above did not include VAT or service charge.)

And for those who like things in smaller portions, l’Atelier is one of the few restaurants this side of the Philippines to offer a good selection of red and white wines in 375ml of half bottles.

Hotel Accommodation Chevrerie Resort Anilao Batangas

Hotel Accommodation Chevrerie Resort Anilao Batangas

To dine at this wonderful restaurant in Anilao or to spend a few nights at Batangas’ tastefully appointed Le Chevrerie Resort and Spa,

Click here to obtain quick assistance for your dining and resort accommodations requirements.

Or call this hot line number for assistance: 0917-540-3626.

Please do not mistake this resort to be one of those dive hotels and resorts in Batangas. This resort is not about diving although divers find le Chevrerie resort to be a conveniently located for diving also.
Have a pleasant trip to Philippines Batangas Anilao!

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