Good place to drink wine in Ortigas

Good place to drink wine in Ortigas Center, Manila, Philippines
Manila wine lovers look for good places to hang out and drink some good wine in Ortigas after work. Philippines business executives also need good places to invite business associates for a glass of wine in Ortigas, Manila.

Yats Wine Shop in Tektite, Ortigas,Manila

Yats Wine Shop at Philippine Stock Exchange (Tektite) in Ortigas,Manila

There is a boutique wine shop in Ortigas, Manila that offers a surprisingly large selection of interesting wines covering regions like Bordeaux, Burgundy, California, Spain, Italy, Argentina and Chile. This wine shop in ortigas is located in the lobby of the West Tower of Philippines Stock Exchange Center, or Tektite as this landmark office building is generally called. Prices of this wine shop at Ortigas Tektite are attractive even for back vintages dating back to the 90s and even 80s. Manila’s wine lovers are particularly excited with the selection of Sweet wines, Port and French Sparkling wines called Cremant de Bourgogne which have long been the connoisseur’s choice for Champagne-like bubblies. More about this wine shop in Ortigas….
There isn’t much in terms of venerable wine bars in Ortigas, or other parts of Manila for that matter. One restaurant in Ortigas offers some interesting wines at very reasonable prices compared to other places to drink wine in Ortigas, Manila. D and B, called Provencal before, is a comfortable place to drink wine in Ortigas, Manila. Located on the second floor of Shangrila Mall in Ortigas, this French buvette restaurant offers small plates of wine friendly food. Quite a few items on the compact wine list are really interesting as well as good value for money. The Minervois is superb with their French cuisine and a little surprisingly perhaps, the Barbaresco and that Ribera del Duero. The markup in this restaurant in Ortigas is obviously very low, a strategy that is sure to win the hearts of Manila’s wine lovers.
Not far away is another good place to find some really interesting wine in Ortigas, Manila. This one is in a hotel called Oakwood Premier Hotel. Under the direction of new general manager Trevor Macdonald, the hotel’s wine list was recently revamped. The new wine list offers a much more balanced selection, making the Oakbar and Oakroom restaurant of this hotel a good place to drink wine in Ortigas. Noteworthy items on the wine list of this wine place in Ortigas include a classic Champagne look-alike French sparkling wine from Burgundy called Cremant de Bourgogne offered at prices much friendlier than your usual Moet. This wine place in Ortigas is also lauded for offering a good selection of wines in half-bottles, a welcome option for Asian and female wine drinkers with smaller alcohol capacity.
Wine Tasting in Manila by YATS

Wine friendly restaurant called Blackboard in Ortigas, Manila

One of the hidden secrets among wine outlets in Ortigas, Manila is a not-so-well-known restaurant called Blackboard. Blackboard is bistro café offering a down-to-earth, practical menu of good European dishes, attractively priced, served in a comfortable, spacious dining room. The wine list is compact but sufficiently eclectic to entertain even the more fastidious wine connoisseurs in Manila. Prices are so friendly that wine novices will have no trouble enjoying a bottle or two after work or over a nice meal for dinner. More about this wine restaurant in Ortigas….
There are some good web sites from which wine lovers in the Philippines can get more information about where to drink wine, dine out and hang out with friends over a glass or two of good wine. One web site to check out is:

This web site also provides information about wine for easy reference by both novices and seasoned wine drinkers in the Philippines.
Ortigas is a fast-growing section of Metro Manila, host to one of the two Stock Exchanges in Manila. For a long time, the only places where residents and tourists can relax over a glass of good wine in Ortigas are the hotel lounges and bars. Prices of wine in hotels such as EDSA Shangrila and Discover Suites are quite excessive by local residents’ standards. Even tourists are finding these prices to be unacceptable and frequent travelers to the Philippines are beginning to venture out of the hotels to find good places to drink wine in Ortigas, Manila.

You can click on this link to contact Yats Wine Cellars for inquiries also. Or you can help other travelers and residents living and working in Manila to find good places to drink wine in Ortigas by reporting wine bars, restaurants and pubs in Ortigas, Manila that offer good wine at reasonable prices.
Another good opportunity to drink some really good wine in Ortigas is to attend one of those public wine tasting events organized by leading wine suppliers in the Philippines, like this one that was organized by Yats Wine Cellars, a leading supplier of wines to restaurants, hotels and resorts in the Philippines.

Wine Tasting in Manila by Yats Wine Cellars

Wine Tasting in Manila by Yats Wine Cellars

Regarded by wine lovers in the Philippines as one of the most cost effective ways to expand their tasting experiences, these wine tastings in Ortigas are also a good way to spend an evening among people with similar interests.
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