Wine Supplier in Philippines Lauded By Restaurants and Hotels

Restaurants and hotels in Manila and other major cities in the Philippines are rushing to revamp their wine lists to compete in the lucrative market segment of wine drinkers. Poor wine selection, unreasonable pricing and generally low standards in service have caused many restaurants in Manila to lose a big chunk of their loyal customers. Smart restaurateurs are now focusing their attention and resource on recapturing that clientele. Lacking knowledge and experience with wine, restaurant owners and hotel management team turn to leading wine suppliers in the Philippines for assistance.

Leading wine supplier in the Philippines Yats Wine Cellars specializes in supplying wines to good restaurants, hotels and resorts in the Philippines. Depending on the level of collaboration with clients, this wine supplier can extend its services to well beyond selling good wines to establishments in Manila and other parts of the Philippines. In 2013, this wine supplier unveiled an interesting product which is designed to help restaurants in Manila develop, implement and maintain a winning wine concept.

Click here for more information about what this Wine Supplier can offer to restaurants in the Philippines.

Click here for more information about what this Wine Supplier can offer to restaurants in the Philippines.

Most restaurants in the Philippines now realize that building a big wine list is not enough to capture the attention, and disposable income of Manila’s wine lovers. Having travelled abroad, Philippines’ wine drinking customers have sampled the wine experience they enjoyed in more advanced cities like Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. The wine experience that restaurants in the Philippines need to deliver in order to win back these customers involves a comprehensive wine concept. This is precisely what this leading wine supplier in the Philippines. Forward thinking restaurant owners in the Philippines begin to see this as a great opportunity to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. This is probably why this program offered by Yats Wine Cellars is rapidly popularity in the Philippines.
Yats Wine Cellars is known among Asian wine lovers as a good source for well-priced vintage wines from all the major wine regions of the world. This is one of the wine suppliers in Philippines that regularly hold non-sponsored public wine tastings. These wine events offered themed tastings that enable participants to learn more about wines through actual comparative tasting.
Wine tasting is fun for Manila’s wine lovers. It is one of the most economical ways to sample a large number of wines. Without any practical venue for wine drinkers to learn more about wine in the Philippines, attending the public wine tasting events held by this wine supplier in Manila is certainly one of the best options to hone the palate.
The vintage wines of Yats Wine Cellars are also purchased as gifts. One popular birthday gift idea is a “birth year wine”, a wine with a vintage year same as the year of birth of the recipient. Yats Wine Cellars is one of the few wine shops in Manila and Pampanga that carries wines dating back 100 years and offers advice on what types of wines from what regions are best for each year in the past. Special vintage cards covering older vintages are also available.
Yats Wine Cellars
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